Izakaya x Anti Social Jazz Club – Japanese Feasting at Constellations

SHUKUEN is coming to Constellations – A unique experience inspired by traditional Japanese sake shops, modern jazz kissaten and Izakayas of the Edo period. An immersive four course masterpiece, created by the finest sushi chefs in the city, the event will celebrate the most exquisite aspects of Japan’s remarkably rich and colourful culture.  

A fusion of Japanese culinary delights and musical tradition, restaurateurs Izakaya will be teaming up with Anti Social Jazz Club, a Liverpool-based promoter and champion of all things jazz-related. Taking to Hardman Street’s Buyers Club, ASJC recently hosted Kinkajou, a three-day-long event dedicated to the Japanese jazz café – also known as kissaten. The marriage between jazz music and sushi is something Harry Marquart, head-man at Izakaya, refers to as: “Embedded in Japanese culture,” with “Izakaya’s informal and classy style fusing with jazz music perfectly.” Performing a ‘Jazz-Sushi’ DJ set, Anti Social Jazz Club will provide an atmospheric setting alongside a grand selection of aromatic dishes, sushi, sake and cocktails: Shukuen is going to to be a real feast!” says Harry. “The event will showcase the best of what Izakaya has to offer. We are creating some new dishes, as well as serving up some Izakaya classics too!”

Opening its doors back in January 2016, Izakaya was founded by friends; Harry Marquart, Kurt Wilson and Gabriella Rose King. Coming together through a shared passion for Japanese cuisine and culture, the Izakaya team were galvanised by an ambition to make sushi an accessible, inviting and educational experience for diners. Self-described as a “Scouse version of a Japanese drinking den,” Izakaya is a space for simple, informal and quality Japanese food. As Harry tells us: “Unfortunately, I think that Liverpool has been subject to poor quality sushi for many years. We went through four fish suppliers until we found one that would consistently deliver the best quality possible and we think that this is key to our customers’ experience.”

Touching on his favourite Japanese dish, Harry tell us that it is Izakaya’s “Chasu Tempura” that gets his vote: “It is a new dish on our menu containing Chashu pork belly, cream cheese, chives, crispy shallots and spring onion. The whole roll is then fried in a light tempura batter and sliced. Not 100% traditional but simply delicious. It will be served at Shukuen so we’re really excited to share it with everyone!”

A coming together of music, cuisine and design, this exciting collaboration will deliver the perfect fusion of indulgence, experience and atmospherics to make this night a truly unique celebration of Japanese culture.

Join Constellations, Izakaya and Anti Social Jazz Club for Shukuen on Sunday 26th November from 7pm with the feast commencing at 8pm. Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to secure your seat at the table soon!

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