Screenadelica Poster Exhibition and Flash Sale at Constellations

Gil Scott-Heron, Jamie xx, Michael Kiwanuka, Action Bronson, Jon Hopkins, Bjork, Brian Wilson, Elton John, Stevie Wonder; the list of artists captured in the work of Gary Mcgarvey, AKA Screenadelica, is seemingly endless. Having featured at festivals across the world; including Primavera sound in Barcelona, Off Festival in Poland, Bestival, Orlando Calling in Florida, Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico plus many gallery shows and parties, Screenadelica has become a worldwide force, flying the flag for original artistry and hand-designed gig posters in an era saturated by digital design.

As Screenadelica put it: With digital download taking over the music scene, the desire to still own something physical makes the screen printed poster all the more important, driving artists to create pieces of art for each show which encapsulates the music in their eyes. This then means that rather than one artist representing the band’s sound, they get a whole range of interpretations of their music through the screen printed gig poster.”

Just as vinyl has experienced a massive resurgence over the past decade, so too we should be celebrating the craftsmanship behind screen printed artwork; the ability to own a tangible representation of the music we love will endure any broken iPod, lost USB stick or waterlogged laptop. An exhibition of Screenadelica’s best works from 2011-2017 is currently on display in the Constellations cafe/bar with the entire collection behing sold off in a flash sale on Sunday 5th November!

Below is a selection of prints available to view and to buy, only at Constellations. All the posters have been commissioned by the bands, screenprinted by hand, and are limited edition. Typically, these posters sell for £20-60 each, so come get an amazing bargain!

Screenadelica will also have their current posters for Liverpool Music Week available and new stock too, these will be full price.

Screenadelica | Constellations | Bonfire Night | 12-8pm

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