“Loop the World” – Simon Wright comes to Constellations

Simon Wright is an Australian acoustic, hip hop, roots and loop artist from Byron Bay, Australia – although these days, he could be more likely considered a citizen of the world. Performing on stage since the starry-eyed age of 19, Simon has now played over 1600 shows in his 12 years as a professional musician! 

Starting out as “an idea that developed into a dream”, Simon’s #looptheworld tour has now become a globetrotting reality. Setting off in March of 2015 with nothing but his guitar, loop station, a change of underwear and companionship in his girlfriend, Hannah, Simon Wright has since played in 14 different countries including Australia, Thailand, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Scotland and many more… 

Alongside his epic tour schedule, Simon has also received a string of nominations for his musical endeavours including; Live Artist of the Year at MusicOZ AIMA and also won a number of awards and battles for his busking skills.

Simon’s use of a loop pedal stretches far beyond a simple musical choice. By stripping back his live show to a solo performance, the Australian performer is able to travel the world with minimal equipment, allowing him to “go where the music takes him.” Simon follows a simple philosophy; “an adventure in living simply and putting faith into humanity and the unknown.”

Having played over 300 shows since the start of his tour, Simon shows no sign of slowing down despite having to battle recent floods in Thailand that claimed his entire set up. Rather than throwing in the towel, Simon has instead released a live album on Bandcamp, with all proceeds going towards flood damage victims of Koh Tao.

Powering on, Simon Wright arrives in Liverpool on Thursday 12th October for his Constellations debut. His performance kicks off at 8pm! Until then, check Simon out in action at Choppers performing his unique remix of the Game of Thrones theme song…

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