Future Bubblers

Future Bubblers

Music is for everybody – and this party is for everybody.

That is the message of the forthcoming Future Bubblers Block Party that will be taking place in our garden on August 19th. A spin-off from Gilles Peterson’s iconic Bubblers series on Brownswood Recordings, the Future Bubblers programme prides itself on unearthing and showcasing some of the UK’s most exciting new artists. Not confined by any genre, style or particular sound, Future Bubblers is established upon an ethos of sourcing the most innovative and creative young artists the UK has to offer. With an end goal of nurturing and bolstering new talent, Gilles Peterson and Future Bubblers are taking their project on the road. Having already visited the likes of Nottingham, Southampton and Manchester, Future Bubblers is now coming to Liverpool.

Visiting the city once before, bringing ‘Year 1 Bubbler’ Revenue to 24 Kitchen Street alongside local act Nelson and up-and-coming label, Deep Sea Frequency – Future Bubblers is back with one of their most ambitious projects to date. With their forthcoming ‘Block Party’ including names the likes of Yazmin Lacey, Skinny Macho and Suedebrown, this garden event promises a stronger and more comprehensive Brownswood-community vibe than ever before.

Futer Bubblers

Future Bubblers

Dwell for a moment on what having Eric Lau, Atjazz or Alex Patchwork as a mentor would do for a young musician’s career. This is the vision of Future Bubblers. Partnering up-and-comers, hand selected by Gilles and his team, with trailblazing musicians who have mastered their craft and dominated their field, Future Bubblers a music programme like no other. Over the last few years, the Bubblers roster has included musicians from Brighton, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester – all given the opportunity to thrive under this team of acclaimed mentorship and under the watchful eye of one of the UK’s most iconic musical trendsetters.

In celebration of reaching their third year, Future Bubblers are hitting the road in collaboration with Arts Council England; with the aim of supporting local scenes and empowering audiences with the opportunity to discover the undiscovered – right on their own doorstep. Determined to note that such events are not ‘one-off in-and-out do-good schemes,’ the Future Bubblers team are motivated by their commitment to developing and curating a long-term, nationwide community of like-minded musicians and audiences.

Future Bubblers Block Party

Shipping in some of the UK’s most forward-thinking underground artists, the Future Bubblers Block Party will provide the city of Liverpool with an unprecedented chance to catch Brownswood-affiliated artists of the future, all on the same line-up.

With a self-released EP now out on The Running Circle, our one to watch at this party is undoubtedly the transcendent songstress, Yazmin Lacey. An alumna of the Future Bubblers programme, Nottingham-based Lacey has made some serious noise with her six-track Black Moon project. The record’s title track is a charmingly melodic offering, featuring a wonderfully live aesthetic from both band and singer alike. As the liner notes state, the EP arose from melodies that lived in Lacey’s head and scribblings she kept in a notebook. Describing herself as inspired by the layered nature of techno, Lacey describes her soul jazz sound as being created with this textual approach in mind. A rough around the edges project, the band recorded the entire EP in a living room, with all vocals being sung into a broken microphone. However, what shines through this record can only be described as an endearing rawness, one that resonates with other bedroom recordings such as Mike Skinner’s – Original Pirate Material and Roots Manuva’s – Brand New, Second Hand.

Also found on the line-up, Skinny Macho of NTS Radio show, Bone Soda, will be putting in an appearance. Bringing guests the likes of Henry Wu, Kane West, Rejjie Snow and Iman Omari onto his monthly slot on NTS, Skinny has swiftly earned the reputation of one of South London’s most up-and-coming selectors and trend-setters. Warming crowds from Tel Aviv to Shanghai and back again, Skinny’s Bone Soda party has a real sense of community behind it – magnetizing dancers from around the world. Also on DJ-duties will be local head and Radar Radio host, Suedebrown. Known for his ‘Natural Selection’ radio show, Brown has garnered respect from Liverpool audiences before, having performed at June’s, Baltic Weekender to a sell out crowd ahead of the likes of Ghetts and Goldie.

More North-Western support comes from Bolts of Manchester-based party, So Flute and Preston-based record label, Fly High Society. MC group, Nu-Tribe will also be representing the local scene, following up from their recent appearance in the Constellations Garden at the 2017, Getintothis Awards. Be sure to also catch the Melodic Distraction residents playing music from early doors, with proceedings kicking off around 2pm.

Throughout summer, Constellations will also be hosting Finca, the Cuban street food vendor known city-wide for their cubanos and deep fried yams! For the music heads, the Bubblers crew will also be bringing down an Ableton Push demonstration station (yeah, it rhymes), to showcase the latest in electronic music production.

Be sure to get down on Saturday 19th August from 14:00 to catch DJs, live artists and more. The party is totally, completely, absolutely, definitely FREE and is likely your first chance to catch the next big thing, before they blow up…

Future Bubblers

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