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An invisible network spanning the farthest corners of the planet, Ley-Lines are ancient mystical alignments that join places of great creative energy around the world.


With the aim of strengthening, supporting and championing grassroots creativity in Liverpool, Constellations are incredibly excited to announce the opening of Ley-Lines Studios. A shared, multi-purpose art-space, Ley-Lines is home to a collection of 12 resident artists with a dedicated workshop space suitable for groups up to 30 people.


Adding to an emerging ecosystem of creative entrepreneurs active within the Baltic Triangle, Ley-Lines joins the likes of Flux Studios and Baltic Creative in providing Liverpool with a creative hub for artists of all kinds. One of the driving forces behind the new Ley-Lines project, Constellations director, Rebecca Pope tells us of how her own life experiences contributed to the vision to cultivate a new artistic community in the Baltic Triangle:

I left school at 16 to pursue my career of ‘being creative’ and was fortunate enough to spend 2 years on a fine art course in a dilapidated Liverpool Community College building, just off Mount Pleasant. We practically had free reign of the building, access to all kinds of equipment and at the time a really diverse age range of people attended the college. I spent many more years trying out different courses and trying to find ways of making enough money through creative arts before finally giving in and ‘getting a real job’. But anyone who is artistic or creative knows, it’s a hard habit to kick…

My hope with Constellations was to provide a supportive environment where creative things could happen. The vision has always been to include a working studio space for artists, practitioners and solo entrepreneurs within the Constellations footprint.”


To mark the launch of Ley-Lines, resident artists Jason Hollis and Johanna Wilson have worked together to design and paint a mural piece for one of the walls at Constellations. Drawing inspiration from the patterns that Ley-Lines leave across the globe, the pair have focused on a geometric, interlocking style. Now complete, the piece can be located down the side of Newhall Street and has been finalised just in time to coincide with a host of events and workshops happening across Liverpool this Friday for the annual, Light Night.


Johanna, who works under the name That Girl Prints, has been working within Constellations’ studio space since it’s infancy, setting up The Paper Moon Print Studio with Laura-Kate Draws, planning art events and exhibitions in Constellations for the past 2 years. Jason has recently returned to Liverpool after travelling and painting in various countries. Crafting a style of highly graphic and optical art pieces on walls, canvas and most surfaces.

A multi-purpose creative space since its birth over 3 years ago, the existing framework of artistic expression that Constellations thrives upon will offer Ley-Lines residents with frequent opportunities for more collaborations such as this. Rebecca Pope tells us that:

On a personal level, this stems from wanting to provide an affordable and interesting place for people to create in. As well as sharing all our knowledge of interesting people to collaborate with, where there’s a great place for materials, advice on how to access funding or expand their business into their own premises…”

Last Friday’s Light Night saw the Paper Moon Print Studio host an open studio from 5pm-9pm, where people of any age with an interest in print were able to come and see the studio in action, trying their hand at screen printing and chatting to the print makers. With people both young and old getting involved, Johanna and Sean took budding printers through their paces, creating Paper Moon-themed prints in a matter of minutes. With some of the pair’s finest work adorning the walls of their studio, members of the public were quick to enquire as to how some of the more detailed pieces were made. Talking about the possibility of offering the public more printing experiences like this, Johanna tells of how she hopes to set up regular workshops very soon. A four-week course, the after-work classes will give those attending the chance to learn the skills required to create their own print by the end of the month.


Check @ThePaperMoonPrintStudio on Facebook and @printthemoon on Instagram to see recent print work and get in touch.  To find Jason’s artwork, visit www.jsn-hollis.com


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